Ramos Sport: Stylish Comfort!

Don’t you hate it when you get jumpers that look ok off, but when you put them on they look like a sack, or they shift around, or they stick to you, or you feel ok but you go to ride and it just feels yuk!

RamosSarahRamos Sport is the answer for all those wanting to look stylish on the horse while feeling extremely comfortable.

The Ramos Sport shirt was my first little present, and for the warm-up at competitions you certainly turn some heads in that one!

However, when I received the new line of jumpers and rider vests, I was in heaven! Jumpers never fit me, and now I have to say that I actually wear the jumper everywhere, not just to the horses. I have been told many times how well the fit suits my body; walking that very delicate line between not clinging, and not hanging off!

10382730_314263495432992_2346424486172534580_nAn Australian rider with true vision, Pernille Hogg I commend you, and I hope to support your “set for fame” equestrian line long into the future.


Sarah xo

For more information and online store visit Ramos Sport website here

For the facebook page click here 

Ramos Sport

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