NEW Equine wear… BOOTS

Ever found yourself tangled up in a big knot trying to put bandages on your horse for training? Or more to the point, prefer to spend those 10 or if you are like me 20 minutes, actually riding?

Mum discovered these boots that are made in the UK, and sent them over to me to try, and for the first time I actually enjoy putting boots on my horse.

They only have 2 velro tabs, so less chance of them getting tangled up and stuck together. Zip zip, they are on, whoosh woosh they are off!!

Mum has  had the one pair for 5 years and the velco is still sticking, and she has never had a boot come off . They are great for use every day and because one size fits front and back you don’t have to spend those minutes  sorting out which is for the back and for the front ;).

The medium size I use on 14.3 stock horse, 16 Lusitano , 16h thoroughbred and 16.2 Warmblood . Never slip, never rub , and mum adds they are not too hot in our (Australian) hot summer.
And the price is AMAZING !!
The website is great , simple, great big pics , excellent size chart , great service arrived from the UK to Australia in a week, and to Portugal in 4 days;).



Check them out…


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