Who Is Valegro?

Valegro- How for ought thou?

Breaking the record just in time!

The stallion to watch at this years London Olympics, was born in a Dutch tourist area, bred by a retired couple who had been working with Valegro’s line for generations.

Joop and Maartje Hanse then sold the young colt to Gertjan Van Olst, who didn’t hesitate during the sale, and hoped to get the son of Negro to the KWPN Stallion Show.

The now record breaking dressage stallion was DISMISSED at first viewing, but instead caught the eye of Britain’s TOP dressage Rider….

Although Carl Hester loved the horse, he thought at the time Valegro was TOO small for himself to ride, and so sold him to a client who was visiting at the time.

LUCKILY for Carl, the transaction never went through, and the horse was returned to Carl’s stable, and back onto the path towards LONDON!

Hester’s right hand (female) rider, Charlotte Dujarden has now been riding Valegro since he was 6, and has become the ONE”S to watch in LONDON!

Charlotte, and the now 10-year-old Grand-son of Ferro, recently broke the world record for a grand prix special, scoring 88.022%.

And you can be sure Valegro with be on centreline for GOLD in less than a month’s time!

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