About Warneyswhip

Warneyswhip was created  6 years ago when I moved from Australia to Portugal to pursue my love of dressage, and compete internationally on a Lusitano, Portugal’s National Horse.

Since then I have come to love the country and this year I will apply for dual nationality, so I will be both, Portuguese and Australian, my two favourite nations in the world.

While my website began with a focus on classical training for dressage, I am now expanding my focus to include, (in addition to horse news and training articles), travels news and interviews, and reviews and updates on Portuguese brands and products. I will also be using the site to help sell Portuguese products online, to help riders in finding a Portuguese horse or Property in Portugal, and finally to offer planned trips to the country for people who want to see Portugal like a local!

Often we want to know more about a country, and reading about it online only captures a small part from a tourism perspective. My aim is to create content that gives foreigners an insight into what it is like living in a particular country from an expatriate point of view, enabling me to highlight what is unique about that country from someone who actually lives there.

I am a qualified journalist who worked and studied at one of Australia’s leading newspapers. I then went on to become a freelance journalist in my chosen sport, dressage, and became the most popular dressage training journalist in the world.

An expat myself, I moved from Australia in 2005 and have created a life in Portugal, and know first hand the challenges and opportunities that foreigners face when they make the decision to travel, or move overseas for an extended period of time.

This site is going to become the go-to site for anyone who loves to travel, to know about foreign countries, or has always dreamed of moving or retiring in a land that is not their own.

Please write to me for article suggestions, or expat stories, at warnes@live.com.au…Look forward to travelling with you online, Sarah Xo