Just Enjoy it!!…

I read today that there is no difference between a weak person and a strong person, just the weak person knows how to control their own mind, and they don’t give up on what they want…

They also don’t make excuses…sun-7

Everyone has stuff they need to deal with, I love listening to people explain why they behave a certain way, or aren’t where they want to be in life, by starting out with…When I was younger, or 20 years ago, or my dad did this, or my mum did this, or my wife does this, or I didn’t get this, and I think…Wow, that is so great, now you can use that for the rest of your life as a reason not to change!

I never wanted to use my injury as an excuse not to keep going.

Four weeks ago I was having one good ride in ten. My friend said to me this week that I have been saying “that was the best ride ever” a lot lately, and I realised that now it’s more like one bad ride in ten!! 🙂 🙂

I stopped worrying about where I should be, and took the advice of my mother which was always, “for god sake Sarah just enjoy it!”. Even when I was little I would worry about things, about how other people felt, and what might happen…Gradually you realise that how other people feel is up to them, and it’s up to you to make yourself happy.

It’s amazing how much it helps, when you just learn to enjoy the right now!

Today my trainer/judge was watching me Piaffe and he said that he was “surprised how good it was”, and he genuinely was! He even wrote me a message afterwards saying the same!!15368967_10209297132577152_513538420_o

I love to surprise people. Particularly if it’s a good surprise.

I left the arena on cloud nine, and a person at my gym was joking with me and said… “You know Sarah, most girls mood depends on whether or not they are having a good hair day, your mood depends on how your horse went!”

He was kidding, but I laughed because it’s true. I can tell how mum’s horse went that day, just by the tone of her voice on Skype when she says hello!

I have a long way to go, but the small victories are important, and this week I had a week full of amazing rides, on a horse that was trying hard for me, and while that isn’t a big achievement in a wider sense, for me it feels like the best Christmas present I could ask for ;).merry





One thought on “Just Enjoy it!!…

  1. Great Sarah and it is how you make it in life. It has taken me (the worrier) a long time to work that out.
    I too know that feeling of how one’s day rates depending on your ride! I am still a little frustrated from
    hours ago at not being able to administer bute to my fussing horse this morning as it is slowing progress
    for achieving with my riding and training 🙂


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