What Defines You?


I am a rider. For as long as I can remember that is what I am. One of the problems with knowing what you love, is when you have to imagine not doing that, not being that.

Riding quite literally saved my life. It was what pushed me to become stronger, what helped me find happiness, and for many days throughout my life was the reason I got out of bed.

Often I know that people feel I just sort of arrived in Portugal and lucked a good horse. I was very lucky, but truth is I have been dedicating my life to horses long before I set off overseas. You can ask my friends how many parties I missed, how many excursions I was absent, how many days I had off school, and how much of my life was put towards my dream. I wouldn’t change any of it.

When I ride I feel free, but also not alone.

The strange mix of independence, but togetherness, that I think is so rare, even more so in human relationships… and so very hard to find.

Some people are defined by belief, others are defined by something they create to hide behind. If I had to describe myself I wouldn’t’ say horse rider, but I know that most of what I would say has been born out of my relationship with horses, and what they have taught me.

Animals as a whole teach us empathy and truth…Humans as a whole teach us how great animals are 😛

I feel so lucky to have grown up doing what I love…You know when you get on and ride out, and everything just makes sense. Having been with Batialo for six years, and after all the heartache, and (actual pain), that one ride is what we live for. In Australia they say that “only a surfer knows the feeling”, but I think a horse and rider who have built something together also know a pretty cool feeling.

People will tell you that riding isn’t everything, of course it’s not for them. They can also tell you it’s just a horse, or an animal, but I know people who love their pet far more than some humans are capable of loving anything, and who can say what that relationship gives them, or what they share together.

Today I’d been at the stable for an hour giving a lesson and when I went to leave I walked passed Batialo and he shock his head vigorously up and down at me.

I had not gone to see him and he was quite visually upset with me!

When I don’t ride him he sulks. When I am mad with him I swear I see him roll his eyes at me.

Back riding again, and just changing my attitude has helped so much. I just know I can do it, and that’s sometimes all it can take. I am also 7kg heavier and as a person even my mum doesn’t recognise me. It’s still me, just a much happier version 🙂

They say a surfer is a surfer for life and others often question why I ride, and ask me if I would be happier doing something else. My answer is no. Course there are things I want to do as well, other ambitions, or purposes…but everyday when I ride out, and I think something and Batialo does it, without me having to even move, I know that my answer will most likely remain a NO!



2 thoughts on “What Defines You?

  1. I have put into words how I feel about horses,riding,and relationships. And from one so young and beautiful! Keep writing.


  2. Beautifully said ~ even I can’t understand why we endure so many setbacks and so much hard work just to achieve the feeling of freedom and connection we get when it comes together and we have harmony!


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