Warneyswhip Classical Riding Holidays

Want a riding holiday close to the beach that offers non riding activities for your non horsey partner? Or have you always dreamed of riding a Lusitano in Portugal?

Warneyswhip has teamed up with the Cascais Riding club to offer Classical Riding holidays, where you stay at the same facility as the horses, just 5 minutes from the beach.

You can design your own holiday based on the time you can get away, and then put together a riding schedule that suits you.

Accommodation – (pool, close to beach) Prices subject to high/low season changes and a 15% discount for riders.
– Studio Bungalow (room, kitchnet, wc) – from around 50€/night
– One Bedroom Bungalow (room, living room, kitchnet, wc) – from around 75€/night
– Two Bedroom Bungalow ( two rooms, living room, kitchnet, wc) – from around 100 €/night

Lesson each day- choose from one or two lessons a day with me or with Frederico Pinteus judge and classical trainer.

-Sensitive horse GP (piaffe passage/flying changes)
-Young calm medium level horse (half pass/ traverse)

-Option for kids or beginners lunge lessons on a very calm schoolmaster for the first ever ride or just starting out

Feel a truly gifted horse in classically trained piaffe and passage on my little man Ulisses…

Optional, day trip to lisbon, with a guide- lunch included

For the non-horsey husbands day activities include..Golf course; Tennis; Padel or Surf transfers. Dance lessons in Bicuda are also available.

Included- Dinner with Sarah Warne (me) and the Cascais Riding Club at an ocean view restaurant

Check out the bungalows here…


To check the seasonal prices, find out more information, or to book your holiday write to warnes@live.com.au


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