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As horse riders, we are very familiar with the concept of chronic tension and pain. We typically ride rain, hail or shine, and know that often when we say hell YES our bodies will say hell NO!

Over time, these physical limitations can lead to our world getting smaller, increasing stress, repeating tension patterns in the muscles that can cause chronic pain, creating imbalance, and limiting the subtle awareness and control we need in order to communicate effectively with our horses.

In the past year I have connected with Ryan Moschell, who is a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator and a leader in the field of Somatic Education. He teaches a specialized conscious way of moving that can connect you directly with the source of the chronic tension, your brain, and, over time, help you to develop a self-initiated and self-regulated form of neuromuscular re-education.

“You will learn a deeper awareness and somatic skill-set so that you can address the effects of stress, trauma, pain, and sameness that can come from Sensory-Motor Amnesia, SMA (AKA – chronic muscular contractions).” says Ryan.

Sensory Motor Amnesia, SMA, is affectively what is at the root of chronic neuromuscular pain. It is defined as a “habituated state of forgetfulness of how certain muscles feel and how to effectively coordinate them; it cannot be ‘cured’ by treatment, medicine, or surgery but it can be controlled consciously after a relearning process.” Novato Inst., 2006

SMA can lead to the common physical complaints that we usually mistake for the natural aging process. With Ryan’s help riders can learn to alleviate, prevent, and even reverse the effects of SMA with this empowering adaptability skill that you can access anywhere, anytime for the rest of your life.

Ryan has had huge success in the Equestrian world working with many riders, including Felicitas Von-Neumann Cosel, international grand prix dressage rider and trainer. He has recently published an article in the January 2016 edition of “Dressage Today”. Click on the image or text below to read the full article and watch a few videos to show you the possibilities awaiting you in and out of the saddle with Somatics.

The Training Between Your Training

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 7.19.54 PM


Feedback from his clients has also been incredible…

“Thank you Ryan Moschell! Truly amazing, after one session my chronic (30 years) of back pain was reduced to almost nothing. Everything has been easier, walking, standing, sitting, better balance, easier breathing. I felt great on my horse. I cannot wait to see how much better this can be with a few more lessons! I recommend this to anyone with pain or tension or the desire for more body awareness!” Felicitas Von Neumann-Cossel – Equestrian

“After my workshop and individual session with Ryan everything is easier such as walking, breathing, sleeping, you name it. Even my 3x/week boot camp interval training is more fun. I am much more aware of things that my body does when sitting. I tend to bring my legs together and now I know that I am “training” my tight hips :), mostly I sit with my legs slightly apart now ; I hold the steering wheel with less “death grip” My first ride after the sessions: Due to confidence problems over the last few years, I had too much of a thigh grip in the saddle. This time I did not and my horse went into the canter so much smoother and I was able to follow the motion much more fluently. Also, in riding the image is conveyed, “let your legs hang down like a wet towel draped over your arm”. Well, I think I felt this for the first time. My instructor told me after the first canter depart to do that again so that your horse will know you have changed an this is the “new you!” I will say that the comment in your video about looking forward to this verses dreading other modalities: yoga, PT, makes a lot of sense now and I have to concur.” Evi Ebert – Equestrian

“I retired 4 years ago ready to enjoy life only to have debilitating news that I had inoperable spinal stenosis and curvature of the spinal column from living an active life full of accidents. Added onto that I had hip deterioration, ligament and tendon damage from a previous horse accident. I tried injections for pain, four years of physical therapy, pain medication, and finally burning the nerves to reduce pain. I was given special shoes and a cane. I walked better with the cane. But who wants to look old and fragile. When I met Ryan Moschell I was walking with a cane and wobbling when I walked. After only five sessions I am cane free! I no longer crawl up the steps and my wobbling is almost gone. I dance four times a week, swim, do yoga, barn work and show my horses. We even ended up this years show season champions at Maryland Saddle Association, Delaware Appoloosa shows and several other show series on the shore. Ryan Moschell and Somatics was the answer for me!” Mary Anne – Equestrian

“My hip has become more stable. My gait is more balanced and my posture has improved. I sleep better, and it’s easier to turn over in bed. The stiffness in my neck and shoulder has decreased. …the lower back pain I used to get when doing kettle bell swings is gone. Because my hips are looser I can squat deeper and easier. “ Chuck W. – IT

Ryan Moschell travels worldwide to teach workshops that include a combination of group movement classes and one-on-one clinical sessions with each attendee during his stay. You can contact him with the information I have added below. I, for one, am looking forward to having Ryan come to teach near me (Europe or Australia) so I myself can attend one of his workshops. As a rider who suffers from chronic pain I know that anything that may offer a solution is worth a go. I hope that this information will help all of you both in and out of the saddle.

Contact Ryan Moschell today and organize a Somatic Health Solutions® workshop for a group of equestrians near you.

Traveling Workshop Information

E-mail –

Web –

Phone – USA – (410) 703-6956

International – 001(410) 703-6956

Offices in the United States: Maryland: – Annapolis – Easton – Woodbine District of Columbia: – Washington

YouTube Channel – *

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  1. Dear Sarah,

    Your columns are the best, whether I see them on Warney’s Whip or Eurodressage! I always learn something from them and admire your riding journey with Batialo.

    I’m not sure how to access password protected columns. Can you help me?

    Many thanks,

    Ruth McCormick


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