Horses Recognise Your Emotions…

I read an article recently that says according to research horses are able to discriminate between happy and angry human facial expressions.

People won’t really believe me unless they know horses, but it’s incredible how much our horses pick up on.

They know when we are stressed. They know when we are sore. They know when we are down.

A mate of mine said to me recently that her horse was tense at a competition, and I asked her if this competition was a big deal.

She replied that it was by far the biggest competition she had ridden at, and I told her that I was not at all surprised her horse was tense.

They know. Even before we know, they know.

I honestly believed that I was calm at my first international competition, and I got into the arena and Batialo became like an electric fire stick, and when I came out of the test, and the stomach notes untied themselves, I realised I had been nervous from about three weeks before.

Last year I went through my biggest break up to date, and Batialo was miserable. He didn’t eat as much. He sulked at the back of the box. Only if you knew my horse, would you know just how unlike himself he was during that time.

When I took time off for injury, he was angry at me. He would not look at me, or come to me, and I was amazed after just my first ride back how much he went back to his old funny self.

Horses are herd animals, they know when other animals in the heard are sick, and they feel empathy for them.

Next time your horse isn’t eating, or is jumping out of his skin. Ask yourself how you are feeling, or what is going on in your own life. Your horse is your greatest reflection, and sometimes he is telling you, to just cheer up!!

Full article online at Eurodressage…._20150423_125844


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