Posture and Horse Riding…


I was reading an interesting blog recently by the “Core Trainer”  79that talked about posture and how often people come into the gym complaining about the way they look in the mirror, their stance.

On a horse, it’s ten times more difficult, because even if you correct yourself when you are walking, on the horse you have 1000 things to think about, and the first thing you forget, or that naturally goes out the window, is your posture.

The photo above was taken 4 years ago. It is a beautiful photo, but I hate looking at it, because my neck is almost stuck so far forward it’s coming off my body.

I had a terribly weak posture, due to a longterm illness, and I knew that i would never look good on the horse until I began to correct it off the horse. I worked with the Core Trainer, and began exercises to teach my body to move back into a stronger position.

I think the biggest mistake people make when thinking about posture, is that they want a quick fix. Truth is it takes work, patience, and a lot of mental effort, to correct something that has happened, usually over a long period of time.

4 years later, and I was proud to see this photo this year…



My position is by no means perfect, but I have worked hard to correct my forward neck, and finally it is natural for me to be in the right neck position, and I know because in competition, when I cannot think about my head, it was finally in the right place! YAH

To find out about exercises for posture go to the below web address or email the core trainer at

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