Solved One Problem and New One Pops Up?

Perhaps it’s just me, but did you ever notice how when you tackle one issue a new one pops up in it’s place?

Guess this is the circle of training, and the journey of dressage, but it is quite easy to get frustrated during these times, and question yourself, or your horse, or what you are doing!

I find that if I have the trot feeling really great, the canter will feel skewiff, and if the canter is on a top level, the trot or the walk, or something else will feel like it has dropped off a little.

One of the major problems for vets is that they are called up by riders who cannot understand why their horse is lame, but then overlook the fact that they rode for 5 minutes on the right rein and 45 minutes on the left rein, because the left rein is more comfortable.

In the weeks where the canter is feeling super it is easy then to forget the walk and trot, and just enjoy the feeling that you are getting in the gait that is going well.

Remember that balance in dressage extends far beyond just sitting in the middle of the horse, and keeping his weight to the back, it is about balance in everything.

Balance between the right and left reins, balance between what I ask for today, and what I ask for tomorrow, balance between asking too much or too little.

Try to always have in mind that you must work all aspects of the horse, all gaits, all sides, and all frames.

People argue a lot about where to have the horse’s head, but Nuno used to say that you should be able to adjust the horse’s head without altering the attitude or rhythm, and by working the horse in different outlines you can help to gain gymnastic and elastic muscles over his topline.

If one thing is up and another goes down, always have in your mind….Am I Balanced?

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