Why horses?

Today marks 18 years since my dad died. He died when I was 11 and well that pretty much made the 15 years following into a bit of a mess.

I always rode horses. Sometimes I try to imagine what it must be like, if you don’t ride horses, to sit on a horse. It must be really weird, but for me it is like walking, or breathing, so trying to engage in that feeling of a non rider is very difficult.

At some point horses became my refuge, as I’m sure many of you can relate to. Whether it be your escape from work, or family, or even maybe from yourself, horses become a reflection of ourselves, and of the freedom we aspire to.

They are a mirror of our own thoughts, which may seem extreme, but every rider will tell you that on a low day, their horse will seem low. That is of course because horses are naturally empathetic animals. They feel what is going on with the other members of the herd.

It has been proven that horses help to calm and relieve stress. They help lift us up.

Sometimes, when you look at your life, and where you are at, and what you are doing, and what you wish you could be or do better, just take a deep breathe, and thank god for horses!!


2 thoughts on “Why horses?

  1. I agree with you whole heartedly. My horse completes me in so many ways and never answers back or tell me to grow up. What would/could we do without them. And I am sure he is as interested in the bush as much as I because he will stand and watch with me for how ever long is needed.


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