Bipolar Horse

Having gelded my Lusitano about 4 months ago, I have read that it takes between 6 months to a year for the gelding effect to kick in.

Three weeks after Batialo was gelded I started to notice the difference. However, these differences would last several days, before he would be back to his usual playful self.

As a stallion Batialo was exceptional to handle, but to ride he would just produce too much energy, and at times unfortunately it became scary for me to be on him. He never meant to be naughty, he just had all this lovely wonderful excitement, and the hormones added in were a cocktail that my limitations could not meet.

At the four months mark we are now at a period of clear cut Bipolarity. One day we will come out and he will be gelding Batialo, no foofing, no tension, no bossy power play. Other times he will come out as stallion Batialo, ready to show off his exuberance as he sees fit.

However, while the gelding days are particularly more pleasant, there are new issues that have been stirred up just to keep me on my game. While Batialo no longer does he signiture spin out of nowhere in a release of testosterone, he is more scared of physical objects. The stallion Batialo was not scared of a single thing, in fact the only thing I ever saw that generally made Batialo anxious was when we put his foot in a bucket of ice after a nail got in the wrong spot, and he moved his leg and the ice rattled, and it was a look I have never seen before.

That look in his eyes when the ice rattled, is now a look that I glimpse on the gelding Batialo days, and you can see that without the manly balls confidence booster he is a little bit more timid.

However, if I encourage him, and congratulate him, and overdo it with the confidence pep talks, he will carry on and not push the issue, so the ego is still very much in tact 😉

I think perhaps that is the thing that I’m finding. Before Batialo would start playing and I would try to control it and he would just get more and more playful. Whereas now he might play, as he is still full of life and personality, but when I say, ok now work, he says, ok fair enough.

However, his signature move, the sideways head, (which he only does for me and one other lucky person), is still very much alive!!

Yesterday, a lovely gardener pulled a tree down at the side of the arena, (yes a while tree), and there was that split second where I was watching the tree come crashing down in front of me, and praying to god in my mind that I would stay on top. Once the tree came crashing down and the split second was over, I found myself thanking god that I was riding a gelding!!!!!



One thought on “Bipolar Horse

  1. My PRE Gelding also does the sideways head and I often wonder whether it is behaviour that is being repeated from suckling as a foal. Apparently my boy had a trauma when weaning (I don’t know any details) but he puts his head on one side for a treat and loves to bury his nose into anything soft and warm.


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