VIDEO: Adjustment and repetition

Dressage is about gymnastic training to help your horse build up strength, so I made the following video to show the subtle differences that riders must work to achieve in order to have control over the movement, and control over their own bodies.


My horse is very good at the half pass, I know because I’ve seen him do it with my trainer, Miguel Ralão.

I however, like to screw myself in a knot, which blocks my horses ability to complete the movement with ease.

Knowing that you are the problem, is the first step to fixing it. The second step takes time and patience, and a rider must listen, and watch, and adjust, and feel, and THINK about what is happening.

Don’t aim to do the perfect half pass, aim to be able to adjust the half pass as you wish, to ask for more quarters, less quarters, more bend, less bend, and use this to enable your horse to build strength and elasticity within the movement.

Then repeat, until it becomes easy for you and the horse.


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