Take a Chance: Merry Christmas from Warney’s Whip!

Merry Christmas from Warney’s Whip!

Recently I wrote a training article about letting the mistake happen.

DSC_0303It’s about teaching the horse to go alone, and not holding him up all the time.

In life, the same is true, and sometimes we need to fail in order to do better next time.

When a horse first starts his competition life, the first few tests are crucial, and it’s the moment when the rider may need to sacrifice the test accuracy, in order to teach the horse that just because it’s a test, doesn’t mean we will stop riding him.

If you are not always challenging yourself to go one step further, then you will end up always reaching the same point, and then staying there, stuck, never moving forward.

The limits we have, are the one we set or ourselves, and breaking our own limits is what makes us grow.

Typically when someone tells you “I know that”, or “I’ve done that”, it usually means I think I know that, and I can’t do that so I will pretend to you and myself that I can.

A person who says “I would love to learn more about that”, or “I am sure I can do that better”, is a person who understands that everything in life can be made better, and everything done in a different way, can give us a different learning experience, a different perspective.

Opening all the doors in your life takes practice, and sometimes we close something out without even realising it.

Christmas is always a time for reflection, for thinking on what we could have done, who we should be, who we should thank, who we want to sit beside and say cheers to.

It’s important not to be too harsh on ourselves, as the mistakes in our life are possibly what got us to where we are today, and for good and for bad they push us to something new.

Challenge yourself to be better, and risk that you might fail, admire those who try, and forget those who criticise.

[youtube http://youtu.be/1eSCRUTlniM]

Merry Christmas, love, and good wishes from Warney’s Whip… 2015 here we come!!DSC_0217

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