Readers’ Choice: What Our Horses Pick Up On…

Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about what our horses actually pick up on.

IMG_0262Why is it that we convince the people around us that we are ok, or not afraid, or not tense, angry or upset, and yet the minute we set foot in our stables our horse knows.

We don’t have to hold up a sign in front of him, and quite often, even though we would love to pretend everything is ok, and ride our very best, our horse feels tat we are feeling off,and simply can’t produce his best either.

Whether it be the weather, or relationship troubles, family worries, or simply just a bad day, it’s very hard to put on a strong front when we are around our horses, and far more difficult for them to actually fall for it!

“What does your horse pick up on?”

What does your horse pick up on?

What issues do you have that you need to really put out of your mind so you can give the best to your horse?

The truth is we are all human, and the art of learning to block out our outside issues, and be one with our horse, is almost as difficult as the art of dressage itself.

Click here for the full article on What Our Horses Pick Up On!

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