Insight: The Someones that Inspires Us

Sometimes the best gift you can get, is someone to inspire you and that someone doesn’t necessarily have to be human 😉

IMG_0531When I was little I was surrounded by so many someones, which I believe made my childhood very special. I had a magpie named “Gobbledocks”, a Kangaroo “Millie”, a shetland pony “Jimbo”, a Kelpie and a pointer “Eddie” and “Beron”, a cat “pussy” and various stray birds, bugs and insects, that would hit the window, or crawl in unannounced (Australia) ;).

I never needed a toy, or a game, because I had all kinds of friends to fill up my day, stir my imagination, make me smile, entertain me, and teach me how to entertain myself.

Later, when I was going through the lowest part of my childhood, my mum bought me a puppy…I named her Maddie.

She became my reason to get up in the morning, when I couldn’t find another one, mostly because she would drive me nuts until I got up to feed her.

We would do tasks together, to keep my mind busy, like heading out in the bush to collect sticks for the fire in winter. Maddie would run beside the ute and then as I tried to load the sticks into the back she would grab the other end and pull on it.

Not quite sure she got the overall aim of collecting fire wood, but she sure thought it was great fun fighting me for the stick.

It was through her that I started to find a reason to laugh at the things around me, and eventually and more importantly, laugh at myself. She gave me a reason to laugh, a purpose, something to take care of besides my mum.

When I got my determination back and headed off overseas, Maddie stayed with mum, and become mum’s dog. I felt so happy knowing that Maddie was there with mum, because I knew that with Maddie driving her crazy and bossy her around, she would never be lonely.

Maddie passed away yesterday age 14, and I started to think about the impression animals have on our lives.

They are the purest kind of being, as they don’t know how to criticise, or put down, shout at, or lay blame, guilt, or anger.

My point is that animals can change the way we think, by us merely trying to understand and lay importance on the way they think.

They are delighted when you come home, they are content if you feed them and care for them, and they don’t ask for anything more than that.

My horse has now become the reason for me to get myself well and strong. It was for him that I got up, and pushed weights, and looked after my body, and felt inspired to be better to myself.

I’ve known many horses throughout my life, and have found something in all of them, but in Batialo, I feel he knows me better than any horse ever has, perhaps this is why I love so much the Lusitano.

The other day we walked out of the stable, and a dog ran out under our feet. He usually would pop in a spin, but this time he didn’t, and he was so pleased with himself, that he turned around and asked me for a sugar lump. He knew that I was surprised and also that he could bribe me in that moment for a reward :).

If you can’t find a good reason to get up, or be a better rider, husband, wife, daughter, or person, look to the other someones around you, particularly the four-legged kind, they may just have the answer if you look them in the eye!

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