The Pursuit of a Dream…

Everyone needs to have a dream, a goal, a reason to get up in the morning. Your goal might be to stress less, or workout more, get a flatter tummy, or simply be able to say you feel good about yourself the way you are.

Carlos Lopez Photography

Sounds so easy, but the reality is quite different.

I decided in 2012 I was going to Rio, and that goal has been the driving force behind my decision to live on the other side of the world, as well as my decision to get myself strong and well!


I was told by a hero of mine at the Dressage Convention 2013 that I was ‘teeny tiny’, in a lovely way, by a genuinely inspiring and really just a great person, but that stirred in me something that I was already dealing with. The me I was, was not the me I needed to pursue my goal. In fact I would ride two circles in sitting trot and nearly be in tears from the lack of natural padding.
I decided right then to change my body, and I had to remake that decision every day to get to where I am now.


I’m still on my way, but every time I ride my horse I am that much more able to remain with a strong seat, and my posture is really on it’s way to where I want it to be.

Your goal might not be RIO, it might be to be able to sit on a horse when he jumps sideways without cracking your back in 7 different directions, or it might be just to be fit enough so that you can ride for an hour without feeling like you just kicked off  your first Tour de France. Whatever your dream, the pursuit of happiness, on your horse, and in life, takes work, but once you start the easier it will be.

You will always have a reason why you can’t do it, no time, or money, or you just think that it is impossible for you to make the change. I used to tell myself that I liked being skinny, but then I had a dream, and my dream needed me to change, and I chased it after it!

PUBCTEprogram2If you want to contact me to find out about a core training program designed for you and your specific dream please write to me at We will send you out a questionnaire, and you can get started in pursuit of your own happiness.

It feels really great when you can say, I worked hard, but I’m proud of myself, and my horse I know can see the effort I put in to our dream together!DONATIONSwidetest

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