TRAINING: Core amongst the Chaos!!

Dressage is a sport of great beauty and harmony! A rider merely floats around the arena and the horse dances underneath them. Simple!

The reality is it takes years of work to get a horse to Grand Prix, and the horses that make it to Grand Prix need to have that extra spark, that attitude, that personality that says “Look at ME!!”
This means that the rider must be physically and mentally fit for the long haul, and be able to stay calm and centred when the horse shows off his spirit and enthusiasm.


A few years ago when Batialo had play time I would fly all over the place like a tennis ball.

I now work a lot on my core strength and stability, and while Batialo goes from side to side, I am more able to stay centred, and calm, and simply continue the work afterwards where I left off.

Your horse may not fly about, but the importance of core training is also seen in your ability to remain in the centre of your horse, and your ability to ride for an hour and not fall into a puddle of tension or pieces.

Your position on the horse is built around your core, and your centre on the horse is where you will find your balance, stability and peace.

Write to us by posting your questions on our Facebook page or by private message to your Core Trainer and tell us what your trouble is, what you need work on, what you need us to help you with, and how we can work together to find our centre.


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