Who am I?

Everyone seems to be searching to find out who they are, as if it’s some sort of challenge.

20140617-183811-67091560.jpgThe truth is, we never know who anyone is, because we ourselves change constantly.

If you have never surprised, doubted, wondered, scared, or offended yourself, then you don’t go outside enough.

No wonder other people shock us, when we more often than not shock ourselves.

The person you were yesterday, will not be the person you are tomorrow, and the people you met in the past, cannot determine who you’ll be in the future.

If someone puts you down, or criticises you, they will not exist to you in a later moment, so why let them affect the person you choose to be?

If we spend too much time trying to figure out who we are, we might miss the moments that make us, and perhaps miss the chance to become something or someone greater.

Instead of asking who we are, just decide who you want to be, and be it.

Decide who you want to be around, and be around those people.

Decide what mood you will be in, and put yourself in that mood.

Sounds simple, but turning a negative thought into a positive one is extremely difficult, and I envy those people who have mastered the ability to select the good thoughts, and throw out the bad.

When we choose what food to eat, or what clothes to wear, we typically, if given the choice, throw out the bad or rotten or worn out.

So why then do we allow the bad thoughts to remain in our heads.

I used to wonder when I was little if being a bad person was a choice, or if some people were just popped out of the womb as “ready made criminals”.

Most likely all of us have elements of good and bad inherent in our genetics, and it’s circumstance that allow them to take over.

However, the most crucial element is choice, and while a lot of our lives our out of our control, the decision of how those events define us, is up to us.

We cannot regret what we did, how we acted, because each lesson we learn is one we carry with us forever, putting one more piece into the puzzle of “who we are”.

With horses, I am always surprised when people take their partner for granted, or expect them to behave in a particular way, because just like people, horses are unpredictable.

You can learn all about them, and love them, and even trust them completely, but they will, and always will be, free to do as their own mind decides, and the minute they lose their own personality, the fun of training is gone.

This song I like because it made me think….

Wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser and I’m older.

Do we ever become wise? Or do we just continue to add up our moments of trials and error.

Life is a game of thought, the older we get, the more accustomed we become to the thoughts we have….

20140617-183811-67091821.jpgCan we predict our thoughts? No

But can we change them for the better? ALWAYS !!

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