20140617-183816-67096226.jpgA wise woman once told me that everyone is addicted to something….

Some have the more well known addictions, like smoking or alcohol, while others addictions can be less obvious, some good and others bad.

Some people are addicted to reading, some researching, some can’t live without caffeine, and others can’t concentrate until they have had that morning cup of tea.

20140617-183815-67095256.jpgPerhaps some people become addicted to other people, and become so much a part of someone else they forget who they are themselves.
I remember that after more than 60 years of marriage my grandparents had become practically a two person in one package, and when my grandpa left first, my grandma lost a sense of what she was really doing here.

20140617-183814-67094492.jpgI’m addicted to running, not because I think I am unfit, but because it is the one time in my life that I feel no-one can touch me.

Ridiculous, as of course I am not so fast that I am invincible, yet (lol), but something about it makes me feel free.

20140617-183814-67094192.jpgThe same goes when I am on my horse, and my usual very busy mind becomes quiet.
I have often been told that people are surprised by how concentrated I am on the horse, given my rather uncalm personality, but perhaps I have just found the thing that I was meant to do.

20140617-183813-67093674.jpgSo then, what is your addiction? What can’t you live without?

And what is it about being on top of a horse, that you cannot live without?

I know I couldn’t!

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