You can never go back….

You can forgive but not forget…You can never go home again…You can’t teach an old dog new tricks….

20140617-183811-67091143.jpgYou cannot change the past, only work for a brighter future!

We all know the sayings, and we are often reminded of their importance in our lives.

I was reminded when I returned home to Australia for christmas. My mum is and will always be the most important person in the world to me, but I realised that home truly is in my case “Where the horse is”, and that Australia no longer felt like the place where I belong.

Perhaps you really can’t ever go home again, or perhaps in creating a new home, a part of you changes and you no longer fit into the gap that you once did.

I think it is true you never forget, and even the people who I have forgiven throughout my life, a trust once lost is lost forever.

Luckily this is not true of horses, and while I believe that an animal can lose its trust in us, we are blessed in that if we work hard enough, in time they will forgive us.

When I was 5 my grandfather told me to throw my cat into the lake. So I did.

Of course the cat no longer came to me, and it took nearly three months of constant apologising until finally the cat returned to lie peacefully at the foot of my bed during the night.

Luckily horses are smart, and they can trust in the ones they know have faith and trust in them.

My pony would not let my father catch him in a 4×3 metre arena, but I could limbo under his belly and sit on him while he slept.

One thing I know for sure, is that you can’t change the past, and dwelling on it does no good at all.

A bad ride, is one less bad ride, and we must then focus our attention on the stand out ride we will have tomorrow!

20140617-183823-67103514.jpgAs for the future of our sport, I think Anja Beran has some stand out philosophies…

Sometimes we can’t go back, but we can sure try to capture what the great classical masters created over a century ago!

Sneak Peak of Anja Article- Full copy in EQUINE EXCELLENCE printed Australian Equestrian Magazine

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