The power of the mind!

The mind, it’s power to lift us up, or push us down, is beyond what we imagine possible.

20140617-171337-62017289.jpgMy dad used to tell me a story of how in Aboriginal times, there was one ritual, that portrayed the ability of man’s belief, and how a thought can be become a reality if our minds find it to be true!

The leader of the tribe would stand in the centre of a circle with an animal bone, and a tribal member who had committed a sin against his tribe would have the bone pointed towards him, signifying his doom!


So it was that within three days the man would die!


And I wondered as a little girl, did that bone really possess some evil power?

But no, it was the power of this mans own belief that he was doomed, that triggered his sudden demise.”

The horse, is a mind that I find fascinating…

Have you ever looked right into a horses eye, and asked yourself what he is thinking?

Why he lets up hop on his back, and ride around happily?

Why, when he could easily throw us off, he instead responds to a rein aid, one that he has learned over time to respect?

Horses are fascinating, and their role in my, and I’m sure many peoples lives, is something we may never truly appreciate nor understand.

Each horse is a personality, and I love asking the question, “If your horse was a person who would he be?”

Is he is a John Wayne, or a James bond, or is she a Marilyn or a Roxanne?

Whoever your horses are, you need to understand them, get to know them, to truly know what they are about!

Our relationship to the horse is different than with dogs or cats, not just because we ride them, but because of their curiosity.

Someone once told me, a dog looks up at you, a cat looks down on you, but a horse….. Looks you straight in the eye!

Training article, Who is the horse?

5 thoughts on “The power of the mind!

  1. I get philosophical about my animals too. They have so much too give and ask so little in return. Amazing. Another quote for you: “A dog has a master, a cat has slaves, and the horse has a partner”


  2. I love this and I think very much the same, which is why we should have up most respect for any horse that lets us train them and more importantly why we should work with them and help them understand in the breaking process and not ‘force’ them to be ridden or ‘force’ them to accept a contact. We should always ask and reward when our request is granted. Repetition and reward is paramount.


  3. Hello just found your blogg(through eurodressage) and I must say I love it!!!! In every piece you write I can hear my trainers philosophy. I even have to send the article “….. creating the riders realm” to him. It was just as he wrote it. I sometimes have trubbel explaining way I am so devoted to his training and philosophy, people cant understand… but the have not experienced the euphoria of dancing with the horse instead of controling it. Now I have this articel, thanks.

    My only concern now is that you havent posted anything new lately, and I have soon read it all.
    Where are you???
    //sara sweden


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