Throughout our entire lives we are put into boxes…

At school, it’s the nerds, the musics (band members), the smarts, the sporty/populars, whatever box you fit in, that is where you are put.

As life goes on the boxes don’t actually change, but can alter, as we choose our life path.

Some people have their own box and decide it is a box just for them, while others join a box with a mate, and make little people to fill up that box.

Even religion has a box…

Christians believe in god…

Agnostics believe they are not sure what to believe….

Atheists are certain they don’t believe..

Children and animals don’t need to worry, as they still believe in people!

It is therefore our job to look after our horses, earn their trust, and then RESPECT it!

I have recently been working on an article about horses and emotions, and the very rare occasions when a horse and rider pair become an US!

We know the ones, Gal and Totilas, Anky and Bonfire, Reiner Klimke and well almost all of his horses lol

It’s interesting to consider how often a rider buys a horse at GP level, and really creates something truly magical, or alternatively, a rider trains a horse to  EXCEL at GP level, and then once the horse is sold, it never produces that special something again!

In the world of dressage, everything fits in a box.

Judges sit in boxes, horses physically live in boxes, (lucky horses live in box-shaped paddocks), and horses are also emotionally put into different boxes.

Sensitive/Lazy, Lusitano/Warmblood, Hot/Calm, Friendly/Arrogant, we all know a horse of every type.

But how much of what a horse becomes is because of his environment, or even his RIDER?

We have all seen it, the rider that shies ten seconds before the horse does.

So how much of our personality is reflected in our horse.

Or how much of our own tension or relaxation, do we transmit to our horse on a daily basis.

Perhaps the true talent of an exceptional rider, is learning to harness their own power, creating a box free from the outside world pressures, a box that they share with just one other being… their horse!

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