Pick Yourself Up



Whoever came up with that saying, was clearly a horserider….

Horseriders learn from an early age, to pick themselves up……

After a fall, after a bad ride, and your seemingly sweet shetland pony purposefully plopped his hoof down on your foot…WITH EXTRA FORCE!

When you are young, the “dust yourself off” part is a little easier, but the horseriding mothers will tell you that after a few kids, and a couple of bad falls, the neck and back don’t BOUNCE back like they used to….

Riding since before I could walk I learnt the “get back on that horse” lesson very quickly. and it is a lesson that has enabled me to be where I am today….

If anyone tells you that moving overseas ALONE to train and ride horses is easy…they’re lying!

I have often been asked, “You live here ALONE?, no family???”

Yes, I answer, as if they are the stupid ones for asking the question.

It wasn’t easy at first, but gradually, your new international friends become your family, and your horses become your friends.

I met someone recently who asked why I don’t like kids, and I said I prefer horses….

He answered, “Yes, but you can’t have a relationship with a horse….”

After I quickly deleted his number from my phone I thought about the relationship I have with my horses, and have had with horses all my life.

They know people far better than people know people….

I don’t have to tell my horse if I’m in a bad mood, or if I’m tense.. he knows, and will usually tell me just how well he knows by giving me extra cheek!

But, just as I learnt as a child, to brush the sand off, and get back in the saddle, a rider knows to let people’s comments fly right by, to just deal with the days when you horse is flying around like a looney or ignoring you completely, and be happy with the person you are….after all, your horse loves you!

So you should love him back….NO TO ROLL KUR (article with head of anti Roll Kur campaign!)

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