Kickstarting Warney’s Whip!

Kickstarting Warney’s Whip!

What can I whip up to entertain readers?

I am a writer, it is my passion, and while my mind is full of the junk the world piles on us there are two ways for me to free myself from the chaos…

One is writing

The other is riding my horse

So this blog will be a mix, of writing about my horsey endeavors, to writing about the world.

20140617-203708-74228021.jpgMain sections will be…

Warney’s Whip: Articles on my training, and interviews with the world’s top riders/trainers/judges!

Warney’s Wisdom: What I’ve learnt in my travels about people, animals, people that act like animals, etc

Warney’s Wit?: well, at least I think I’m funny!

Determined to make you laugh, cry , scratch your head (hopefully the top one), but most of all i’ll make you think….

About your horse training, about your life, about how nuts I must be, about how nuts you must be, and hopefully leave you thinking….

I can’t wait to see what she blog’s next!

It won’t all be puppies and fairy floss! Having lived for more than ten years with depression I understand all too well the feeling of wanting to punch someones face in when they tell you to “just cheer up”!

If you haven’t been through something like that yourself, then perhaps my blog can help you better understand what NOT to do and say!

My first emotional story is my tale of despair, and will make you wonder about the power of the mind, and also the power of grief, loss and survival!

Anyone who tells you there are steps to grieving, are kidding themselves. There are no steps, only a never ending journey that we just get used to, but never get over.

580096_10150886715886299_977242449_nComing up….Interview with Rider of Fuego, and the truth behind how he ended up training with Jan Bemelmans???

Anky: dropping the reins to get back in the arena!
Training FLY CHANGES on a young horse!

Thought of the day…. You know it’s going to be a good one when you put your socks on the wrong feet and your shoes on inside out….

Anyway, off to my unicorn!

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For the a list of articles please visit my section in Eurodressage.

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